Feasibility Study for Rehabilitation and Increased Efficiency for 68 Pumping Stations

  • Employer:  
    Millennium Challenge Account - Armenia Program (MCA-Armenia)
  • Financing organization:  
    Millennium Challenge Corporation
Project objective

To ensure reliable irrigation to an area of about 55,000 ha (around 40% of irrigated lands) by rehabilitation/ reconstruction of 68 pumping stations having no economically efficient alternative gravity water supply. The MCC Program is a large complex investment in the rehabilitation of irrigation pumping stations in Armenia. 

Main objectives of the Consultants’ Services

  • To provide technical and economic justification for the rehabilitation of each pumping station
  • To prepare detailed technical specifications for the procurement of pumps, engines, electrical, automatic regulation, screening and other auxiliary equipment for all 68 pumping stations or those pumping stations that are deemed to be economic to rehabilitate 
  • To prepare preliminary designs and performance specifications (stating scope of works, design and construction standards etc) for rehabilitation of the critical structures of each pumping station (buildings, pipelines, screens, gates, etc.)

Phases of engineering consulting services 

  • Phase 1. Feasibility study of 68 pumping stations
  • Phase 2. Preparation of design and bidding documents for 17 pumping stations in accordance with the FIDIC Yellow Book

Rendered engineering consulting services

  • Preparation of GIS-based data bank and SCADA control and supervision system
  • Implementation of feasibility study
  • Institutional advice and capacity development
  • Elaboration of the strategy and the investment plan
  • Preparation of design and bidding documents for 17 pumping stations in accordance with the FIDIC Yellow Book
  • Preparation of EMP
  • Project objective
  • Project objective
  • 68 sub-projects
    Main characteristics of the project
    • Intakes and intake basins for 68 pumping stations
    • Pressure pielines, L=323 km, DN1800-200
    • Various structures (stilling basins, anchor supports)
    • Power lines